Why You Should Book Your Flights With KLM

I know, they’re not an airline, so why book a flight with them, right? It sounds like a strange recommendation. You wouldn’t go to a butcher to get heart surgery, you wouldn’t get your car fixed at a used bicycle store, you wouldn’t buy sashimi from a street stall in a rough neighbourhood in Bangkok (it’s not even Japan!). All true. But first of all, you are, of course, very unlikely to actually fly with them, if you book a ticket, saving you a whole ton of money, because you’re likely to spend significantly less, if you’re at home writing complaints. And second of all, in the unlikely event you do fly, there are plenty of benefits which you probably haven’t thought of. KLM will keep you slim. You’re the type who eats spilled hot chilli from the floor of some honky-tonk in Tijuana, just to win a bet? Try […]

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