Runner’s MOT with We Run

I’ve been a passionate (yet unambitious) long-distance runner for as long as I can think. Until two years ago I went running 10km every day come hail or high water. Since then, mainly because I got older and lazier, but also because I do not want to over-exert myself, I usually run three to four times a week, and normally a distance of 6 to 8km, with only rarely a 10 or 12k thrown in for good measure. Four times a year Ms B & I take part in organised 10k’s and half-marathons. Five years ago Ms B gave me one of the coolest birthday gifts to date: a 4.5h one-on-one barefoot running training session with a running coach. Long story short, I started barefoot running, then switched back and forth between barefoot running and regular running. When I saw the We Run advertisement for the Runner’s MOT (£90 for […]

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