Rowley’s Restaurant, St James’s, a Must for Steaklovers

We have just returned from our lunch at Rowley’s in famous Jermyn Street in London’s poshest part of town: St. James’s. (I know what you’re thinking, we were shocked too when we found out many years ago, but Berkeley Square’s Mayfair is only the second best part of town, well, never mind.) It wasn’t our first visit and it certainly won’t be our last. We love this restaurant that could very well be London’s finest steak house. For over forty years, steaklovers from all over town and from far beyond have come to this elegant temple of carnivorous pleasures and a good many of them will have enjoyed the same signature dish we had today (and have every time we visit): a very large portion of chateaubriand steak with herb Roquefort and butter sauce and unlimited French fries.    As usual we took advantage of the great offers that are […]

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