Mushroom Cream Pork Medallions – Ms B’s Favourite Dish

This is one of the simplest recipes we ever tried, yet one of the most delicious. We usually cook mushroom cream pork medallions at least once a month during the mushroom season, sometimes as often as twice a week. Our favourite place to get them from is Borough Market. We are no fans of the mushrooms on offer in most supermarkets, where quite often there are two varieties: “white mushrooms” and “brown mushrooms”. While at the Market, we stop by the Ginger Pig, who are not as good as they used to be anymore, but still one of the better places to get meat from in London. We are very good eaters, so often go for 700g or more of pork medallions for the two of us. 200g per person should probably do the job, though, if you want to take it easy on the meat.   Ingredients for 2 […]

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