My Marvel Comic Experience – Jetlev in Wyboston

Today I did what I had been planning on doing for a long time. I took a ride with a Jetlev. In this case: with Ride Leisure at Wyboston, near Bedford. It’s about 30 minutes by car from Cambridge, which is 50mins by train from London. Driving from London would take about 1.5 hours. My instructor, Malcolm, greeted me upon arrival. As soon as I got myself into one of Ride Leisure’s wetsuits, we walked the few metres over to the lake. The safety briefing and training took the best of fifteen minutes, and off I went, hopping into the water with the jetpack attached to my body.          I’m a solid swimmer, but it did feel strange jumping into deep water with heavy gear attached to your back. However, Malcolm’s calm, reassuring manner and the training made me feel somewhat ok with this idea. You take a […]

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