Ever tried the Jamaican Variety of a Cornish Pastie? You should.

After brunch (see earlier post) we had a few appointments to attend and errands to run, then we stopped by the Jamaica Patty Company (JPC) in Covent Garden on our way to Ceviche, the Peruvian restaurant and bar in Soho, and I tried one of their patties. Theresa Roberts, the Jamaican founder (she founded the shop in 2013) was behind the counter and served me my curried goat patty. Patties have been introduced to Jamaica by Cornish sailors who stuck with their love for Cornish pasties (‘patty’ derives from ‘pastie’). The patties get their distinctive yellow colour from the turmeric used in its preparation. While traditional patties are made with beef, chicken, and vegetables, Theresa started adding some other traditional Jamaican flavours, such as my curried goat, or jerk chicken. I thoroughly enjoyed my curried goat patty mid-afternoon snack and might come back to try a few of the other […]

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