Like driving an F1 Car over a Freshly Ploughed Field at Full Speed – My Powerboat Experience at Wyboston Lakes

The headline is a quote of three-time Formula One racing car world champion Niki Lauda after driving an F1 powerboat. Powerboats are vicious.. and also enormous fun!! Ms B and I decided that it was time for a weekend of speed. We hired a 460hp 5l V8 Ford Mustang GT from Hertz at St Pancras yesterday morning and drove up to RideLeisure at Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge for a powerboat experience we had booked with Gordon Cook.    Driving an American muscle car is something I had always wanted to do and boy was it fun. I never got to put my foot down, never came near, not even for a split second during take-off or something, just too much raw power. You’d immediately lose grip and crash the beauty. But driving fairly carefully was huge fun too. I would have preferred manual drive, but even the ten-gear automatic gives […]

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