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I guess it’s time for the Barbarians’ year end review. 2018 has treated us well. We had more wondrous and wonderful collaborations in New York, Malta, Frankfurt, London, Cambridge, Kent, and our prime weekend destination: the Cotswolds. We met up with some lovely fellow bloggers in person and made friends on social networks. Winter Wonderland Our 2018 started with a few fun days in Vienna. It was our fourth time together in Vienna in winter. In our book there’s no better place to enjoy this time of year than Austria’s glorious capital. We made a point in ordering Viennese schnitzel every time we ate out and our favourite turned out to be Cafe Englander.    Gobbling like a Gourmet We also started shopping for discount deals at Michelin-starred restaurants and on average dined at such culinary temples twice a month, sometimes for less than £20 per person, hardly ever for […]

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Shake Shack, Victoria – Awesome Burger and Shake

Ms B and I are currently planning our next visit to one of our favourite cities on this planet: New York City. This is how we ended up researching the best burgers in town and were hugely surprised that several of the 23 NYC Shake Shacks make it into some of the most widely-referenced top 50 lists, some even into the top 20, for example The Infatuation (at #10). How is it possible that some fast food chain whose Double Shack Burger with Cheese costs $8.09 gives the $33 Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern or the $36 21 Club’s ’21 Burger’ a run for their money?    We like the story behind Shake Shack, how for the first three years it was just a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, before setting up properly at a permanent kiosk there in 2004. Long story short. We decided to visit […]

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Cambridge Food Tour – So Much More to this Town than Just Books

(c) Cambridge Food Tour

During one of our recent visits to Cambridge, Gerla from Cambridge Food Tour very kindly invited us to join one of her multi-award winning Taste Cambridge Tours (usually £65 per person). Gerla is a fellow food & travel blogger, and she is very serious about it, spending a large part of the year travelling the world and sampling food. While we did our Cambridge Food Tour she was exploring the local cuisine in Croatia (check out her profile here).    (c) All photos Berkeley Square Barbarian, except feature photo (c) Cambridge Food Tour Starting off with a Chelsea Bun Our group of 12 (2 below the maximum group size of 14), including our knowledgeable and friendly guide Karen, met outside of Cambridge’s most famous bakery, Fitzbillies, at 11:30am. After a quick welcome and introduction we already got our first bite: sweet, soft, sticky bits of a Chelsea bun (it’s what […]

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Ametsa with Arzak Instruction – Best of Basque

We have been lovers of Basque cuisine ever since we visited San Sebastian, the culinary capital of Planet Earth, five years ago. That weekend in the northwest of Spain was a real eye-opener to us and made us realise what a great ingredient good food is to our lives. Michelin-starred Ametsa with Arzak Instruction opened in our adopted home town London in 2013, four generations since the family tavern opened in San Sebastian in 1897. ‘Arzak’ (three-starred since the 1970s) is generally considered to be one of the world’s ten best restaurants. Since we started our travel and food blog three years ago and since we started researching Michelin-starred restaurants, we were surprised to read so many bad and mediocre reviews about Ametsa. We don’t spend big on restaurants, so it was only when we found a £59 deal on Buy-a-Gift for a three-course meal for two and a glass […]

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Finally Made it to London’s Most Famous Chinese – A. Wong

We had heard good things about Michelin-starred A. Wong for years, but somehow never managed to visit, even though it’s just half an hour’s walk from where we live. Earlier this month, we finally made it, and what a feast it was! The restaurant was founded in 2013 by Andrew Wong, then a young graduate with an anthropology degree from LSE, when he took over a non-descript Chinese local next to Victoria station from his father. For several months before that point in time, he had travelled mainland China and explored the many different cuisines and cooking styles. In late 2018 he’ll open another, much bigger and more casual restaurant at the Bloomberg Arcade in the City. It will not be serving dim sum, because Wong feels, as he said in an interview earlier this year, that serving three dumplings for £2.80 would devalue the art of the dumpling (each […]

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