The Bliss of Pinning Ashgabat just 8km off its Precise Location: Traveler IQ Challenge

I recently found out that Traveler IQ Challenge, a game that I had been thoroughly addicted to when it came out nearly 15 years ago, can still be played on TravelArk, after it’s been taken off Facebook (its initial main platform) many moons ago and all but forgotten. What is Traveler IQ Challenge? The concept is easily explained. Through 12 levels of increasing difficulty, world map after world map builds up on your screen and a location name, typically a city or other tourist attraction like a national park, mountain, monument, or museum, gets displayed. You need to pin the location as quickly and as accurately as you can. As soon as you’ve clicked, the system will pin the actual location and indicate the distance in kilometres between the actual location and your pin. Then the next map builds up and the next location gets displayed, and so on. Each […]

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