Flying Lesson on a 1953 Piper Cub with Perry Air, Brighton

I recently found a voucher on £89 for a 20-minute flying lesson on a 1953 Piper Cub with Perry Air. There are even cheaper offers around, if you’re average height and weight. As I knew, my voucher was only good for weekends, but I wanted to fly during the week, when the minimum is 35 minutes. So for £35 I topped up. The lesson takes place at Shoreham Airport, which is close to Brighton. However, public transport does not get you there, and a cab from Brighton station to Shoreham and back would have cost a fair bit of money. I shopped around using and found an excellent deal with Sixt: a brand new Range Rover Velar for 50% less than the next best offer. Usually I go for something the size of a Volkswagen Golf, but the offer was too good to refuse. I arrived early at […]

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