Bread Ahead – One-Day French Baking Course at Borough Market

The Barbarians were recently very kindly invited by Bread Ahead’s owner Matthew Jones to join one of their one-day (6.5h) French baking courses in Borough Market (regular price £180 per person, including lunch, a baking book, and all ingredients). As requested, we showed up well before the official start time of 10:00am (the introductory email advises you that they might not let you join, if you arrive after 9:45am), in order to register, put on our aprons, walk to the classroom, and get ready. Most of the ladies with longer hair used rubber-bands to keep the hair from touching the ingredients and being in their way. Our teacher Kevan Roberts was a true delight, funny, super-knowledgeable, and always calm and relaxed. We were very impressed with his background. Kevan had run his own bakery and baking school, received his initial training at a bakery in France, and also spent some […]

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