Block House, West End, Frankfurt

UPDATE 31.03.2019: I spent a lot of time in Frankfurt recently, staying at a hotel within 5mins walking distance from another Block House. As I’m also currently trying to move towards a keto diet, I ate at Block House about one dozen times over the past few months. Presuming the quality of Frankfurt Block Houses is similar to each other, I upgrade my rating from 2.5 to 3 out of 5. Half the time the steak was prepared extremely well (due to the fact that the meat was decent quality, but nothing special, the overall taste was just good, not special), 40% of the time it was slightly above average. 10% of the time it was slightly below average. You can watch the people in the kitchen prepare the food, and there were clear visible differences between the preparation of good steaks and average steaks. The good steaks all involved […]

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