Rock’n’Roll at the Robot Restaurant

During our recent trip to Tokyo Ms B & I visited the famous Robot Restaurant, one of the city’s top tourist attractions since it was founded in 2012. Initially it was not aimed at robot-focused tourists but at local businessmen with a penchant for the fairer sex. Within days after opening it made headlines around the world and started an outright frenzy. It’s difficult to describe this eclectic, crazy celebration of childish wonder, intergalactic war, and madness. If you’re looking for a sophisticated art performance or a high-budget Broadway show, then you’re bound to be disappointed. Despite the fact that the performers’ routine is very impressive, well-rehearsed, and finely tuned, and despite the fact that much of the technology, I’m sure, didn’t come cheap, there is still at times a vibe of rogue, low-budget, anarchic street performance. That’s one of the reasons why the show is so much fun to […]

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