Kaboom – If you like fireworks, why not enjoy London’s biggest and absolutely most fabulous ones?

Just like last year, we made our way to Battersea Park earlier tonight. Back then, Ms B’s photo of the pyrotechnics was chosen by BBC News for the top of their national webpage, after they saw it on our Instagram feed. We had bought early bird tickets for £7 per person (regular price £11, all tickets have to be purchased online in advance) and arrived way before the official kick-off time of 8pm to enjoy some street food from a few of the two dozen large stalls, and to suck in the great atmosphere around the giant bonfire. The fire emanated an enormous amount of heat, warming everyone up despite the fact that a 15m perimeter around it had been cordoned off for safety reasons. Compared with last year, everything was much more professional, well-organised, bigger, and better. There were a DJ, a host and music, large video screens, and […]

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