Beresfords at the Balmer Lawn in Brockenhurst

During our recent visit to the New Forest, Ms B & I enjoyed a dinner at the lovely Beresfords restaurant at the four-star Balmer Lawn hotel in Brockenhurst. The dining hall is spacious and pleasantly decorated. After short deliberation Ms B opted for a ‘Beresfords bite’ which resembled a prawn cocktail (£5) and sea trout (£22). I went for grilled beef heart (£6.50) and roasted guinea fowl with fries (£19). The starters arrived quickly. I hadn’t had grilled beef heart in a very long time, so had forgotten that it can have quite a strong, peculiar smell, which came as a bit of a shock at first. The taste however was very pleasant, and I had no regrets ordering the dish. Ms B’s prawn cocktail was light and not too spicey, just as she prefers it. Our mains were delicious. Ms B’s sea trout was very flavoursome, I loved the […]

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