Emperor Franz Joseph’s favourite Schmankerl: Kaiserschmarrn – Our Keto-friendly Recipe

One of the greatest joys of going on a skiing holiday to Austria is all the lovely food: Germknoedel, strudel, schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Landtmann Cake, Käsekrainer, and… most importantly: Kaiserschmarrn, or Emperor’s Mess. During our last such trip in mid-February, earlier this year, I must have enjoyed this dish on at least four occasions, even though we were only in the country for a long weekend. Locals often label it as a main, but let’s be honest, it’s really more of a dessert or something you have between meals. It’s not just me, right? The dish takes its name from Austrian emperor (“Kaiser”) Franz Joseph I, who was as fond of this shredded pancake as I am. Princess-aficionados probably know the man better as Sisi’s husband.     Franz Josef was a popular emperor who ruled peacefully for nearly half a century, while everyone else was at war with each other. […]

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