Au Comptoir du Relais – Great food, if you don’t mind rude waiters and dirty plates

When researching Paris restaurants before our trip, we came across French MasterChef TV judge Yves Camdeborde’s legendary bistro Au Comptoir du Relais, which translates into ‘the bar area of the hotel Relais’. This tiny and bustling art deco restaurant belonging to the well-regarded 4-star Hotel Paris Relais Saint Germain (Camdeborde owns the whole hotel) sits in a beautiful 16th Century building just off Boulevard Saint-Germain (Metro station Odeon) and has been celebrated as unmissable for many years. It seems that the hype about it grew even stronger over time. We particularly remember a number of reviews along the lines “they know they simply cannot go wrong” and thought, that’s never a good sign. The best chefs and restaurant owners of this planet do not expose this kind of attitude. On the other hand, what were our options, miss out on this much talked about ‘gem of the gastronomic universe’, run […]

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