Antony Gormley at the RA – one of the best art exhibitions of the year so far

If a lesser artist would propose to flood parts of the RA with sea water, splash around with clay, build giant walkable metal structures inside several of the halls, the ancient institution’s answer would be quite predictable. However, if you’re one of the most revered living artists and a knight of your kingdom then you won’t even be asked to explain why. Consider it done. At the age of 69, Sir Antony has reached that point in his career, and this is the most important exhibition of his work worldwide in over ten years. Don’t miss this. Like art? Whatever. Don’t like art? Frankly, my dear, I don’t riverdance. Everyone who lives and breathes should see it, as long as you’re in Europe, the UK, or any adjacent continents between now and 3 December, when it closes. For clarification, Pacific islands including New Zealand count into Asia/Pacific, and Asia does […]

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