A New-Discovered Grotto, our Trip to Sicily

We, Berkeley Square Barbarian, met in mid-2008, got married in January 2009, and it was in June 2009 that we went to Sicily for our honeymoon. We had been there before and loved this Mediterranean island to bits for its lovely scenery, ancient monuments, some great beaches, the colourful markets, friendly, down-to-earth, sincere people, sunny weather, excellent food and, maybe most importantly, even better pistachio ice cream. We had both just started in new jobs and were each living in different cities in different countries, far away from each other, spending all the spare time visiting each other. We didn’t find any time to research the trip, which explains some of the mishaps and surprises such as the mistaken grotto further down. We arrived in the city of Palermo, the capital of the Italian autonomous region of Sicily, a town the size of Manchester, England, Baltimore, MD, or Frankfurt, Germany, […]

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