This Mix of Mediterranean & Moorish is so Moreish: Beso, Covent Garden

Recently Ms B & I were invited to check out restaurant Beso (Spanish for ‘kiss’) in Covent Garden, a fairly new (July 2018) opening which has already made it to roughly #200 out of 20,000 London restaurants on Tripadvisor. This casual neighbourhood diner serves modern, Moorish inspired, Mediterranean cuisine. We were immediately taken in by the good vibes when we entered. Warm, friendly colours and lighting, plenty of space, and comparatively modern design and art such as an imitation of Peter Behrens’ famous “Kiss” mixed with rustic elements slightly reminiscent of the colours and materials found in a Moroccan medina. The large and very decorative 9-seater table next to the window front is ideal if you’re enjoying a meal on your own. Like everyone else we’re also great fans of open kitchens, where you can watch the fine-tuned crew go about their business. The Beatles used to compose songs in […]

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Brunch at Brunswick House, Vauxhall – Quite Quirky

Ms B and I have started doing yoga sessions in Vauxhall on Saturday mornings at 11:45am, and last time around we had the brilliant idea to have a ‘small’ breakfast before the hard work, so we returned to Brunswick House for the first time in five years. The high-ceilinged, stately 18th Century building is beautifully decorated inside with lots of chandeliers, a toy airplane, and other items dangling from above, mirrors, paintings, maps and the like on the walls, and a large bar. The main hall is separated into the casual area where we had breakfast and the main part which is reserved for the other two meals of the day, and which is separated through a massive wooden divider. The staff immediately made us feel at home and quickly took our orders. All our good intentions of just grabbing a quick, small bite were gone by the time we […]

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Shake Shack, Victoria – Awesome Burger and Shake

Ms B and I are currently planning our next visit to one of our favourite cities on this planet: New York City. This is how we ended up researching the best burgers in town and were hugely surprised that several of the 23 NYC Shake Shacks make it into some of the most widely-referenced top 50 lists, some even into the top 20, for example The Infatuation (at #10). How is it possible that some fast food chain whose Double Shack Burger with Cheese costs $8.09 gives the $33 Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern or the $36 21 Club’s ’21 Burger’ a run for their money?    We like the story behind Shake Shack, how for the first three years it was just a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, before setting up properly at a permanent kiosk there in 2004. Long story short. We decided to visit […]

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Cambridge Food Tour – So Much More to this Town than Just Books

(c) Cambridge Food Tour

During one of our recent visits to Cambridge, Gerla from Cambridge Food Tour very kindly invited us to join one of her multi-award winning Taste Cambridge Tours (usually £65 per person). Gerla is a fellow food & travel blogger, and she is very serious about it, spending a large part of the year travelling the world and sampling food. While we did our Cambridge Food Tour she was exploring the local cuisine in Croatia (check out her profile here).    (c) All photos Berkeley Square Barbarian, except feature photo (c) Cambridge Food Tour Starting off with a Chelsea Bun Our group of 12 (2 below the maximum group size of 14), including our knowledgeable and friendly guide Karen, met outside of Cambridge’s most famous bakery, Fitzbillies, at 11:30am. After a quick welcome and introduction we already got our first bite: sweet, soft, sticky bits of a Chelsea bun (it’s what […]

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Like driving an F1 Car over a Freshly Ploughed Field at Full Speed – My Powerboat Experience at Wyboston Lakes

The headline is a quote of three-time Formula One racing car world champion Niki Lauda after driving an F1 powerboat. Powerboats are vicious.. and also enormous fun!! Ms B and I decided that it was time for a weekend of speed. We hired a 460hp 5l V8 Ford Mustang GT from Hertz at St Pancras yesterday morning and drove up to RideLeisure at Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge for a powerboat experience we had booked with Gordon Cook.    Driving an American muscle car is something I had always wanted to do and boy was it fun. I never got to put my foot down, never came near, not even for a split second during take-off or something, just too much raw power. You’d immediately lose grip and crash the beauty. But driving fairly carefully was huge fun too. I would have preferred manual drive, but even the ten-gear automatic gives […]

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