Brunch at Daylesford in Pimlico Road, Chelsea

We had grabbed a bite at Daylesford in Pimlico Road, Chelsea, before. Well, strictly speaking this precise location could be seen to sit just outside Chelsea, but most of our friends think of it as being part of this posh district.


A few weeks ago we popped over for brunch. Especially Ellie had always liked the atmosphere and vibe at Daylesford. It’s all organic, chic, hip, and they have plenty of outdoor seating for people-watching. In the immediate proximity you have The Orange, an upmarket pub we used to frequent regularly at some stage, a luxurious flower shop, and plenty of art galleries.



After short deliberation, we ordered a flat white (£3.50), a latte (£4), a Bloody Mary (£9.50), a smoked haddock omelette (£14.50), and eggs royale (£13.50).



The drinks and our meals arrived quickly. The coffees were nothing out of the ordinary, but rather pleasant. The smoked haddock omelette went extremely well with the spinach, Gruyere cheese, garlic breadcrumbs, and almonds. In a perfect world it could perhaps have been a tiny tad moister.



My poached eggs were very runny, which is exactly how I like them. The hollandaise and the salmon were outright delicious. You can usually trust that this place uses top quality ingredients. As far as sourdoughs go, this was one of the better ones, even though not spectacular, and the same can be said about the bits of leafy salad.

We will be back again. 3.75 out of 5 in our book.

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