Wright Bros Battersea – Delicious Food & Great Atmosphere

Ellie and I did some inline skating in Battersea Park a few weeks ago, and we decided to take the long route back via Nine Elms in order to check out the new sky pool at Embassy Gardens. This is when we stumbled across Wright Bros’ Battersea restaurant. So far we had only visited their Borough Market location.

Three Locations, all in London

Our Borough Market experience had been very pleasant, so we decided to give Wright Bros, Battersea, a shot. (They also have a restaurant in South Kensington.) We were seated on the lovely terrace with views of Battersea Power Station, the Thames, and the park-like embankment and piers with lots of vegetables, a fountain, more restaurants and shops, and a few food stalls. We sucked in the atmosphere while scrolling through the menu.


I know what you’re having

Ms B laughed, “I know what you’re having” as soon as she had spotted the bavette steak on the menu. Of course she was right. I’d rather risk life and limb before I’d knowingly pass a chance to devour a bavette steak. My wife took her time deliberating the different options and finally settled on the mussels.


Sides aside, coffee and beer please

Unusual for us, we both felt that we’d prefer different sides. Luckily the chirpy waitress said it wouldn’t be any problem at all. Ellie replaced her chips with a side salad. I replaced mine with skinny French fries. I also ordered an extra side salad for myself. While we were waiting for the food to arrive, Ms B sipped a coffee, I a Guinness.

One of the best bavette steaks ever

A mere 15 minutes later our food arrived. It might have been lucky that we were relatively late for lunch and it wasn’t too busy. My ‘medium-rare’ steak was medium, as expected, and every bite of it was pure, juicy, meaty deliciousness. One of the best bavette steaks I ever had. It went extremely well with the chimichurri sauce, the skinny fries, and the watercress. In Bavaria, where I grew up, watercress is much more common and I’m always eager to have some.


Massive amount of mussels

Ellie’s mussels arrived in a massive stainless steel pot. I’m usually a very slow eater, but due to the enormous number of mussels, I beat my wife to the finish line. She completed her meal a good ten minutes after I had finished mine. I could tell that she was very pleased with her molluscs. The side salads had extremely little dressing, but the leaves were so fresh and flavoursome, we had no complaints.

Will we be back?

We visit Battersea Park at least once per month (not counting my morning runs, which pass through there much more frequently). I think it’s a safe guess we’ll end up at Wright Bros Battersea again soon. 5 out of 5 in my book.

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    1. Haha… you’re the best, Steve. Thanks so much for all the support. 🙂 I really hope you get to try some of the places we’ve recently been to. Some proper solid nosh.

  1. Inline skating sounds like a lot of fun. Always great when you stumble into a great new spot to fuel up afterwards! It looks like a great option to satisfy both surf and turf appetites. Always know a place is good when a return visit is already planned.

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