Guste Remo – Delicious Pizza in Bayswater

I’ve just returned from dinner at Guste Remo (gusteremo from gustare, to relish) in Bayswater. The restaurant was founded by two local Englishmen of Italian descent three years ago and has received some excellent reviews. Most of the staff are Italians, and while the founders aim to accommodate a wide range of preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dishes being available in different sizes, they make an effort to mainly use traditional cooking techniques and ingredients.

I had not made a reservation and had only decided to give it a go, when I randomly passed by them in the street on my way to a meeting with an hour to spare. Initially I was told that unfortunately no table was available, but they turned out to be flexible, when I promised I just wanted to gobble down one of their pizzas and then be gone. I was given a table for 50 minutes and made sure I ordered right away, when I was seated: a pizza diavola (£14) with extra cheese (£2).

The restaurant was filling up soon after I had arrived and I enjoyed watching the busy scene and sucking in the warm, cosy, rustic, but at the same time reasonably elegant atmosphere. My food took more than 20 minutes to arrive, but no hard feelings from my side, after all it was their favour to me to let me have a table without prior reservation.


The pizza turned out to be nothing too out of the ordinary, but rather tasty, and it fully delivered on the promise of extra cheese. It was rather large and I thanked the big guy upstairs that I had only had a tiny tuna sandwich for lunch, leaving enough room for this sourdough spectacle.

3.25 out of 5 in my book. I’ll be back again when I’m in the area.

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