Mainkai Café, Frankfurt – Great value meals with a view of the Main

Ranking roughly #20 out of 2,000 Frankfurt restaurants on Tripadvisor (including a Certificate of Excellence until 2018), Mainkai Café had been recommended to me on various occasions. So I was very pleased, when I was invited to bring a friend and check out their food.

Located next to Frankfurt’s beautifully re-built Old Town on the riverbank of the Main, the big windows of the tiny Café offer good views. My friend had already arrived when I rocked up a few minutes late. The interior is basic but friendly.

After short deliberation my buddy went for kofta with couscous and salad (€11.90) while I ordered venison goulash with Schupfnudeln (a type of freshly made thick noodles made of potatoes, flour and eggs), red cabbage, and cranberry jam (€14.50).

Both dishes arrived after just ten minutes, and even before they arrived on our table, we could tell from the lovely smells that we were going to be in for a treat. According to my friend, the kofta were very spicy with great texture. I could certainly confirm that my venison goulash was among the best I’ve had outside of traditional goulash meccas like Budapest or Vienna. The Schupfnudeln were a true delight. It’s a shame that they are so hard to come by, because most restaurants don’t want to make the effort. When I grew up, we enjoyed them at least once a month, so they come with fond memories.

Next time Ms B joins me to Frankfurt, I’ll make sure we’ll pay Mainkai Café another visit. 5 out of 5 in our book.

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