Staying in Sydney with Style (and Beach): QT Bondi

We’ve just returned from our visit to Sydney, where we spent two nights at QT Bondi, an upmarket boutique apartment hotel just off Bondi Beach (check out our post about the famous Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk) , literally 2 minutes’ walk from the beach. If your room points towards Beach Road, like ours did, then you can spot a glimpse of the beach by sticking your head out from the tiny balcony and looking hard right down Beach Road.



On the photo above of Bondi Beach showing the Iceberg swimming pools in the front, you can see two taller buildings in the back, behind the beach and lawn, one on the very left-hand side, then another tower-like one, slightly further to the right. QT Bondi is directly to the right of the latter one inside the beach-facing building complex (but with no beach-facing rooms of their own, as the beach front rooms are owned by another company).


We had booked our room well in advance through a booking website that had a special offer and we were lucky to get a free upgrade from King to King Deluxe from the hotel (not related to our blog, of which they weren’t aware: our room is the main room they showcase on their website). But even if you pay full price through the hotel’s webpage, prices per double room per night seem to start from as little as AUD 330 (GBP 180 at current exchange rates).

Considering this is one of the best hotel locations at one of the most sought-after corners of one of the most expensive cities in the world, this is very decent value for money. We moved from here to a hotel in the Central Business District, in order to be closer to the action, but ended up paying GBP 150 per night for a one-star that pretended to be a three-star.


The QT chain is part of the Rydges hotel group. QT Hotels and Resorts operates 9 upmarket boutique hotels in Australia and New Zealand and advertise themselves as quirky and out of the normal. The Bondi hotel has been designed by Australian designer Nic Graham, who has also designed a number of other well-known QT and W hotels, among others.



We liked the unusual design ideas, over-the-top colours, and the barefoot beach vibe. Everything feels a tad fancy but still very relaxed. The room contained a fully functioning induction stove, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine (very handy, didn’t use any of the other equipment, as too many lovely restaurants nearby). The fridge is well-stocked and rather large for a hotel room fridge. As obligatory for any self-respecting hipster hang-out, the snack-box also contained some other items such as a beard trimming kit, a water-resistant smart phone pouch, sexy stuff, etc. Reasonably priced and rather amusing. From the wall flip-flops were dangling in two beach bag nets.


The bathroom really impressed us, nicely designed, spacious, with a shower and a separate bath tub. The package also included new releases on demand and a library of older movies, besides your regular cable TV. Personally, we found the bed a bit soft, but it seems from our experience that Australians really like their beds soft, so fair enough.

Finally, it comes in extremely handy that there are a very large supermarket, a bottle shop, one of the best restaurants in Bondi (The Pacific Club, apparently, even though we haven’t dined there), and two very decent healthy fast food places (I thoroughly enjoyed my brisket steak sandwich at one of them, Ms B liked her take-away sashimi).



We will most certainly book ourselves into QT Bondi again for a few days during our visit next year. 4.5 out of 5 in our book.

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