Brunch at Brunswick House, Vauxhall – Quite Quirky

Ms B and I have started doing yoga sessions in Vauxhall on Saturday mornings at 11:45am, and last time around we had the brilliant idea to have a ‘small’ breakfast before the hard work, so we returned to Brunswick House for the first time in five years.

The high-ceilinged, stately 18th Century building is beautifully decorated inside with lots of chandeliers, a toy airplane, and other items dangling from above, mirrors, paintings, maps and the like on the walls, and a large bar. The main hall is separated into the casual area where we had breakfast and the main part which is reserved for the other two meals of the day, and which is separated through a massive wooden divider.

The staff immediately made us feel at home and quickly took our orders. All our good intentions of just grabbing a quick, small bite were gone by the time we had sat down. So we ordered two flat whites (at £2.50 each), a freshly squeezed orange juice (£3), an apple pear beetroot juice (£5), a Corpse Reviver #2 (not that there were any corpses to revive, we had been very good recently, with lots of exercise every day; the drink was made up of gin, Cointreau, cocchi & absinthe for £7.50), a smoked ham & comte breakfast muffin with a fried egg and added crushed avocado (£8 + £1.50 + £4), and an avocado toast with two poached eggs and toasted sesame (£10).

After about 15 minutes our food arrived. The portions looked gigantic. The coffee was one of the best we had recently enjoyed and the juices were large and very refreshing. The cocktail was – thank heavens – relatively weak and small, but nonetheless interesting and delightful.


Ms B wasn’t able to finish her avocado toast (forcing me to help out), but agreed with me that it was done just the right way. The crushed avocado was beautifully dressed with bits of crushed chilli, lime juice, and various other subtle ingredients we weren’t able to put our finger on. I was blown away by my muffin. The smoked ham turned out to be similar to pulled pork pressed into a cylindric patty shape, and it went extremely well with the fried egg, the melted comte and tomato chutney.

4.5 out of 5 in our book. We’ll definitely return soon. However, next time will be after yoga, not before. Our yoga teacher nearly gave up on us that day. Lesson learned.

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