Our favourite Munich haunt – Ratskeller

I have been to Ratskeller at least 20 times, and Ms B has joined me on about 5 occasions. We absolutely love everything about this place, the building and rustic interior decor, the slightly overconfident, grumpy but never malicious waiters, the location in the heart of Munich, and – most of all, of course – the fabulous food!

On our recent trip to my home town Burghausen we gladly took the opportunity to pay this true cornerstone of Bavarian cuisine another visit. They seemed to have gone a tad upmarket since our last visit half a year ago, with more fancy dishes and more attention to presentation and high-end ingredients, which was just fine with us.


After short deliberation, Ms B opted for the pork fillet steak with chanterelles and spaetzle in herb sauce (€24), I did what I do most of the time and went for the Bavarian pork roast (€14.90), perhaps my favourite dish of all time.

The food arrived quickly, which was great, because we were on a tight schedule to get to the airport and catch our flight back to Old Blighty. Both dishes were delicious. Ms B had not properly listened to my translation of the menu and had been expecting her usual pork medallions in mushroom cream sauce, not pork fillet steak in herb sauce. But after she got over the initial disappointment, she had to agree that as far as fillet and herb sauce go, these were fine specimen of their kind.


I was very impressed with my pork roast, even though the crust was not done nicely and was chewy rather than crisp. Then again, I don’t normally eat much of the crust anyway, so all good.

As always, we greatly enjoyed our visit and will return again every single time we get a chance. 5 out of 5 in our book. Well done, guys.

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