Thames Rockets – Great Fun on a Rubber Boat

I had been thinking for some time about booking myself into London’s number one outdoor activity (according to Tripadvisor): a trip on a rubber boat with Thames Rockets. Today I finally made it, and boy was it fun!

I opted for their gold standard package, the so-called Thames Barrier Explorers Voyage (80 mins for £54.50), departing from the London Eye.

As a Londoner, the touristy sightseeing part didn’t do much for me, even though the guide was amusing enough and got a few laughs out of us. I was in it for the thrill of speed.




Shortly after we had passed by Tower Bridge, our captain increased the speed and went full throttle. It is surprisingly smooth a ride. Last year Ms B and I were going on a zodiac in the open Arctic sea off Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen at similar speeds of just over 55km/h (back then it was even faster!).

There were strong winds and high waves from the outset. It took just a few minutes before the first eruptions among the travellers, and I myself was also struggling to keep the food in. This ride was nothing like that. There are a few minute vibrations when the boat leans into the turns, but that’s it.

You’re feeling like you’re flying above the water. Highly recommend. 5 out of 5.

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