Cafe Boheme, Soho – our Review

We’ve recently visited Café Boheme in Soho for the first time, for brunch. There had been a fair bit of hype around this place over the years, so our expectations were high.

We were immediately taken in by the pleasant, warm, very French café atmosphere. Service was perhaps a bit abrupt and not overly helpful, but hey, that is very Parisian, probably a good thing!


We ordered the obligatory Eggs Royale (£9), ham and cheese omelette (£7), and a dish which now seems to have dropped off the online menu, but which contained pastry, strawberries, and cream for roughly £6. Besides, we ordered one flat white and one latte (each £2.80), one freshly squeezed orange juice (£3.90), and one Bloody Mary to share (£9.75)


I was pleased with my Eggs Royale, they were just right and nice and runny. Ms B seemed equally happy with her omelette, which also had nice looks, very French. We weren’t too impressed with the sweet dish, but it was ok. The coffee was not quite as good as we’d have expected from a French place that has received so much positive attention, but it was certainly above average. Well, and with a Bloody Mary on a Saturday lunchtime.. can’t really go wrong with that.

Ms B in particular loved the atmosphere, and I mean: a lot! She wouldn’t stop talking about how it reminded her of Paris, so it’s safe to say that we’ll be back soon. Our combined rating is 3.75 out of 5.

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