Quo Vadis – our Restaurant Review

We have just returned from our lovely lunch at Jeremy Lee’s Quo Vadis in Soho’s famous Dean Street. Initially a brothel, the building has been converted into a private members club a long time ago and the restaurant used to hold a Michelin star at some stage.

The service was quick and friendly, and we immediately felt welcome.

Ms B opted for chickpeas, cuttlefish, squid, potatoes, mussels & clams (£18), my decision had more or less been made for me as soon as I spotted onglet (£21.50) on the menu.

I love onglet. At first I was slightly put off by the combination with pickled walnut and horseradish. I’m used to enjoying my onglet with a red wine, shallot sauce. However, this mix worked extremely well and I’m seriously considering starting to always have my onglet in this manner. The pickled walnut was perhaps too aggressively acidic for my taste, but that’s just personal preference, really. The lamb’s lettuce was as fresh and flavoursome as it gets, but I was glad I had ordered a side of chips (£5).

Ms B’s choice turned out to be equally good. The seafood dish was served with a lovely thick broth. I don’t like chickpeas, normally, but this dish did work for me. All ingredients were top quality and very tasty.

While we had enjoyed our lunch together with a friend of ours we hadn’t seen for too long, the restaurant gradually filled up, mainly with extrovert, artsy types. We will be back soon. 5 out of 5 in our book.

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