‘Being Modern’ Exhibition: MoMA at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

During a recent trip to Paris, we finally made it to the much talked about MoMA exhibition at our beloved Fondation Louis Vuitton. Masterpieces of Max Beckmann, Alexander Calder, Paul Cézanne, Marcel Duchamp, Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, Frida Kahlo, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Gustav Klimt, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Paul Signac, Andy Warhol, and several dozen further artists were included.



The exhibition followed a timeline and opened with MoMA’s first decade. Works included Hopper’s famous House by the Railroad, Cézanne’s The Bather, up to post-war works from Pollock (Echo: Number 25) and de Kooning (Woman I).


The next section was perhaps my favourite one and focused on Minimalism and Pop art.


The third and last section, located on the top floor of the magnificent building, focused on contemporary works from around the world, most of which were acquired by MoMA in the last two years. Some decidedly weird stuff there, but overall interesting and aesthetically pleasing.





Some of the works had never been on display in France before, including: Brancusi’s Bird in Space, Diane Arbus’s Identical Twins, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s (Untitled) “USA Today”, Carl Andre’s 144 Lead Square, Christopher Wool’s Untitled (1990), Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (You Invest in the Divinity of the Masterpiece) (1982), and Romare Bearden’s Patchwork Quilt.


Overall Ms B and I enjoyed this exhibition very much. It’s just that after all the hype in the media, we had expected to see more of the most famous masterworks, especially more of those from the pop art era, and less art from artists we had not heard of or only vaguely so. It was definitely worth the visit. Fondation Louis Vuitton always is, of course.





More art exhibitions? Try Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy of Art, Picasso at the National Portrait Gallery, and Leonardo at the National Gallery. Or perhaps some inspiration for your next trip? Fine dining at the North Pole, a camel ride through the Sahara, skiing in Dubai, and a coastal walk in Sydney.

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