Han Kang – Quick Korean Cuisine in Fitzrovia – our Review

We had been to Han Kang a few times before. Every now and then we enjoy a quick meal there in this little Korean restaurant, hidden away in a side street in Fitzrovia, just off Oxford Street near Tottenham Court Road station.

We ordered Chicken Mandu (£7.50) and Haemul Pa-Jeon (£9.50) for starters, and Soon Tofu Jjigae (£10.50) and Pork Bulgogi (£11.50) for mains.


The Mandu, also called gyoza, little dumplings filled with chicken were tasty, even though nothing special. The Koreans’ favourite appetizer, Haemul Pa-Jeon, some sort of seafood scallion pancake, was perhaps a little bit old and too cold, but the flavours were intense and just right nonetheless.


What really impressed us were our mains. Ms B loved her tofu seafood stew, Jjigae, and I was very pleased with my bulgogi, little strips of barbecued pork in spicy hot sauce with onions. The Barbarians are good eaters, so in our book it’s a big plus if there is plenty of food, and this bulgogi delivered on a huge scale. In the end I actually struggled to finish the meal, because it was so enormous. Great job there.

We think of Han Kang as a decent place, great for a quick fill when you’re in the area, but we’d never take visiting friends or family there and do not think it’s anything special. 3.5 out of 5 in our book. We’ll be back.

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