Atschel, Frankfurt – our Review

While Ms B visited me in Frankfurt a few days ago (I’m currently still on a long-term consultancy assignment in this city and only back in London most weekends), I showed her Atschel, one of the traditional Sachsenhausen apple wine places Frankfurt is known for. I had been there several times before, and had been impressed with the great atmosphere and food.


We ordered the obligatory hand cheese with music (pickled hard cheese with caraway seeds and bits of onion; don’t ask why it’s called ‘with music’; oh, so you already guessed), and onion soup for starters. As mains we chose grilled sea bream and pork roast.


The food arrived after some time. I was very pleased with the hand cheese and the onion soup. Ms B was never big on hand cheese and felt that the onion soup was a tad too heavy.


The sea bream and the pork roast were highly unspectacular, not particularly good and not particularly bad. Considering my high expectations, this was a thorough disappointment.

3 out of 5 in our book, but we’ll be back to see if this was just an unlucky one-off.

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