Brunch at Aquavit Restaurant, London

We’ve just returned from our brunch at the fabulous, Michelin-starred Aquavit, which opened in late 2016 under Executive Chef Henrik Ritzén. We had had this restaurant on our list for some time, but only managed to visit them today for the first time.


From Berkeley Square it is just a short walk through the southern end of Mayfair and the northern end of St James’s. As soon as we arrived, we were made to feel welcome by the friendly, relaxed staff. Despite the incredibly good value prices for their brunch dishes, we were one of only three parties that arrived when they opened at 11am. Other guests arrived soon after.


After short deliberation we opted for the blood pudding, lingonberries, bacon and lardo (£6) accompanied by an OP Anderson Original 25ml aquavit (£4), a ‘Nordic Breakfast’ with smoked cod roe, boiled eggs, avocado, and crisp rye bread (£11), a Toast Skagen (kind of prawn salad with dill; £11), and to finish it all off, Swedish pancakes, blueberries, and cream (£7). We also ordered a large bottle of sparkling water for £3.50, a double macchiato (£3.50) and a flat white (£3.75). In total the bill was just under £50 for the two of us, not including the £6 service charge added on top. We’ve paid more for mediocre pub brunches in this town!


The coffees were unbelievably rich and full in flavour, slightly bitter, but not a tad too much, better than nearly any coffee in town from where we’re standing.


With regards to the food, the Toast Skagen impressed us most, with prawns and dressing that seemed to be out of this world, the large amount of dill being subtle in taste, not overwhelming, and the crunchy texture of the prawns amazing. The Nordic Breakfast’s smoked roe, a bit reminiscent of Taramasalata, was absolutely delicious, and went really well with the boiled eggs, avocado, and rye. The separate bread basket with three varieties of Nordic bread, including flat bread, served with butter that felt more like herbal cream cheese in a very good way, did not last long either.


Ms B wasn’t too impressed with the blood pudding, but then again, it’s not her kind of thing. I adored it. It was 100% smooth and the taste of blood was accentuated, not outshone by the sparse ingredients. Just like the other dishes, the presentation was very easy on the eye.

The pancakes were equally delightful and similar to the ones I grew up with in Germany.

5 out of 5 in our book. We’ll be back soon.

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