Cafe Demel, Vienna, our Review

Opened in the 18th Century and re-designed later in a neo-baroque style, this “Imperial and Royal Chocolatier and Patisserie” is one of the best places for food we have been to in Vienna. Without a reservation, we had to wait for nearly half an hour before we were seated in one of the less glamorous second floor rooms, but it was worth the effort.

From the moment we arrived the service made us feel welcome (which is not a given for big city places, certainly not for Vienna). We ordered coffee while we were pondering over the menu. In the end we decided we had to try their Viennese schnitzel for €25.90 (including side salad) and another one of their signature dishes: Huhn-Nudel-Briesauflauf (soufflé of noodles with chicken and sweet bread for €16.50).






The schnitzel was among the top three we’ve enjoyed. Large size, beautiful texture and taste, absolutely delicious batter. The soufflé was nothing too special, but then again, could’ve guessed that from the description, so we should have just ordered something else.

To finish it all of, we ordered a Sacher cake, for which “der Demel” (‘the Demel’) is famous. There has even been a long legal dispute about the use of the label Sacher cake, which ended favourably for Hotel Sacher. However, the cake was absolutely delicious and we already decided that we’ll make Café Demel one of our regular haunts when visiting Vienna. Highly recommend. 5 out of 5.

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