V’uisine – Frankfurt’s Best Vietnamese Restaurant

For the past few months, while on a consultancy assignment in the beautiful city of Frankfurt, far away from London, I was kind of forced to use a laundromat once a week for a while, until my landlord got around to having the washing machine in my serviced apartment fixed.

As it happened, this turned out to be a very lucky coincidence, because my laundromat turned out to be on the opposite side of the street to Frankfurt’s best Vietnamese street food tapas place: V’uisine. It ranks #38 of 2,068 Restaurants in Frankfurt.

I enjoyed dinner there once a week every week.

This time around, I had Khoai Dau Cari (sweet potato tofu cream curry), Bo Luc Lac (diced beef cubes with roasted pepper and onions), Heo Quay (roast pork belly marinaded in honey and soy sauce), and Saigon Ga Quien (battered marinaded chicken), each for €6.20, plus two portions of rice. Mind you, that’s way too much for a normal guest, but I had had a long day and skipped lunch. I’m also quite a big boy. The waitress recommended having half this amount of food.

As usual, dinner arrived fairly quickly. I started with the curry, which was very creamy, nutritious, and strongly flavoured. Next I tuck into the beef cubes, which were delicious. Quite a large portion too. The chicken was supreme and the pork belly probably my favourite, even though a few bits were a bit too oily for my taste.

I also enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and the fact that most guests seem to be fairly young. 4.5 out of 5 in my book.

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