Cambridge Street Kitchen – our Restaurant Review

We had been to Cambridge Street Kitchen twice before. The first time we had been very impressed, the second time rather disappointed, so we decided to give it another shot before posting a review, and it turned out to be a good decision.

The atmosphere to us had always seemed very pleasant, and nothing had changed in that regard when we arrived for brunch this morning. The staff are friendly, and the whole restaurant has got a hip vibe to it (but luckily without the hipsters), with art work adorning the walls and quirky décor and furniture.

We ordered their highest priced breakfast dish, their Smoked Salmon and Truffle (£14) with an added Boudin Noir (£4, fancy black pudding, more or less), and Pancakes with Berries (£8.5), one Bloody Mary (£7.5), one Strawberry and Orange Juice (£4) and two Double Macchiatos (£2.4 each).


The food and drinks arrived quickly and were nicely presented. In particular the pancakes looked mouth-watering, with scrambled eggs there’s really only so much you can do in terms of presentation. The Boudin Noir and Salmon portions were huge, which is a very good thing in our book.

The taste of all dishes impressed us, and we were reminded of the first time we had ventured here, more than a year ago. The taste of the shaved bits of truffle on the bread below the eggs and the taste and smell of the truffle oil could have been a tad stronger for our liking, but no complaints. A truly delicious brunch. The coffee was good, the juice lovely and full of flavour, and the Bloody Mary was exactly to my liking. Not too strong, but very, very spicy.

We’ll be back. 4.5 out of 5.

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