Vertical sightseeing over London with The London Helicopter – A fabulous experience

Earlier today, the good people from The London Helicopter invited Ms B and me to try out their 18-minute helicopter ride over London. The tickets sell for £220 per person, which isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

For Ms B it was her first helicopter flight and she was completely off her head, in her usual collected, feminine, pleasant way, of course. I had done a few flights during my one-year obligatory military service in Germany, but I felt very excited too. I’ve always been into helicopters, it’s simply the most fun way to get from A to B, to buy groceries and run your errands, or to do a bit of sightseeing, whatever’s on your agenda.


The pilot makes every effort to keep the ride as smooth as possible, and even the most sensitive souls would find it hard to get queasy, there’s really nothing much to worry about. I’m severely afraid of heights, but it’s impossible to think about those matters, while enjoying such grand views of London.

While most other helicopter tour operators start their flights from somewhere in the middle of nowhere, rural Essex, Suffolk, or Kent, this ride starts from the very centre, near Battersea Park, half an hour’s walk from Westminster Palace, and as soon as you take off, all the main sights and attractions pass your view.


Among the highlights were the views of the London Eye, the Shard, Europe’s 4th largest and the UK’s largest building at 310 metres, the views of Canary Wharf and the City.


We liked the fact that the pilot did not give us an 18-minute monologue about the iconic sights, but instead focused on the main aspects, pointing us the right way. It was also very comforting to see their focus on safety, starting with a short video and with a thorough on-board briefing.


We’d recommend The London Helicopter to everyone, and have just referred an Australian friend, who was looking for a gift for her husband’s birthday during their upcoming London visit. We’ll be back as paying customers as soon as we’ll have our next visitors over.

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