Review: Rail House Cafe, Victoria

We had previously visited the Rail House Café’s much talked-about sister Riding House Café in Fitzrovia and had not been overly impressed. Visiting the newly opened Rail House Café in London Victoria seemed like a chore at first, but turned out to be an absolutely brilliant week-day brunch experience.

I ordered their signature Burgerdict (burger Benedict) and steak tartare. Both dishes were prepared to perfection. The Burger with egg Benedict on top was among the tastiest burgers I have had in years. The steak tartare was incredibly delicious too, with the wasabi paste that came with it. Like all the best steak tartares it wasn’t made of minced meat, but of little short strips of raw beef, that had just the right texture.


Not least of all, the service was very quick, professional, and friendly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. The Barbarians will be back soon.

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