Review: Bar Douro

Having spent a whole week in Porto earlier this year got me hooked on Portuguese cuisine, so when I came across Bar Douro, I couldn’t hold myself back.

The atmosphere of this tiny bar (most of the seating is outside) that is squeezed into one of the railway arches half way between London Bridge and Southwark, is pleasant, even though maybe a tiny bit too busy. Blue and white tiling provides authentic flavour.

I ordered pork ‘Altentejana’ with clams for £9 and octopus with mashed sweet potato for £11, and found both rather disappointing. I love pork (I’m from Bavaria, where we eat a lot of pork, such as pork roast), clams (I cook with clams), and octopus (another restaurant review involving octopus here), but not these here. Not sure if their chef had gone AWOL for the day and a kitchen hand had to jump in (other reviewers had good things to say about this restaurant in the past), but my two dishes were definitely not up to scratch, not in terms of taste, texture, looks (only referring to the octopus with regards to looks, the pork dish looked pleasant). 2 out of 5 in my book.

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