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We’ve just come back from Brunch at Timmy Green Victoria, in Nova Food district, a further Daisy Green outlet (the remaining two besides the homonymous flagship outlet and Timmy Green being Beany Green and Peggy Green), aimed at bringing a flair of Bondi and Coogee to Old Blightey.

We had just completed a 10k run for charity earlier today and felt rather peckish, so decided to go for three main courses: their ‘Bondi’ breakfast plate, basically a Full English with half an avocado and house-made chilli pesto added on a great-looking and great-tasting two slices of charcoal bread, soft sourdough bread – if we understood correctly – coloured in black with organic colouring, and baked in a charcoal oven with plenty of fine ash still clinging to the crust.


Secondly, their burger with chilli-pineapple salsa and duck fat fries, and coconut bread French toast, thick Greek yoghurt, with raspberry, mango, shaved coconut, bee pollen, and pure Vermont maple syrup.

We also had some sparkling water and a delicious and very large freshly squeezed orange juice with ice.


We enjoyed all three dishes. They were all three beautifully presented (no wonder this place has become a blogger heaven and darling of the food reviewers) and full of flavours, not without a few twists, but at the same time feeling wholesome, nutritious, simple and good.


The atmosphere is very pleasant, with stylish but low-key and light-touch decoration, the two-storey glass windows letting a lot of sun-light in. The terrace seating didn’t look special, but nice enough. (The only thing we didn’t like was the music, which sounded like some late 1990ies rave music, quite horrendous, and certainly more than a tad too loud.)

We enjoyed our brunch at Timmy Green, Victoria, and will be back soon, especially because the guests’ favourite, the famous buttermilk blueberry pancakes with Mascarpone, maple syrup and bacon (bacon is an extra) had already sold out today. Looking for another London Victoria brunch place? You might want to check out Aster just next door. Read our review here.

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