Les Papilles Bistroy Parisien

We had heard many good things about Les Papilles (French for ‘the tastebuds’) and despite our high expectations, Les Papilles was even more brilliant than we had hoped.

It starts with the friendly waiters, the lovely atmosphere in this former wine shop, and the quick service. Despite the fact that it was very busy, the wooden panels and shelves on the walls ensured that it was not getting too loud. Not sure if their ventilation system wasn’t working on that rather cold day in early March, but it was steaming hot despite the fact that they regularly opened the main door towards the street for a few minutes to let some fresh air in.



There is only one four-course menu, no choice, but that’s fine if it is four courses like these. It started with the waiter bringing a huge ceramic bowl and a large ladle to our table, and two smaller bowls for each of the two of us. The smaller bowls contained bits and slices of various mushrooms (mainly champignons) and herbs and you pour the soup over it. Nice touch!


The main course that followed, was an enormous amount of juicy and absolutely delicious braised beef of a similar style as goulash meat on a pile of tasty boiled vegetables, which – again – we served ourselves at the table, giving you the warm feeling that you’re earning your food.

The dessert was an extraordinarily nice crème caramel (I loved it and I do not even normally like sweet stuff), followed by a bit of cheese.


We’d recommend Les Papilles to anyone and will certainly be back during our next visit to Paris. For more Paris restaurants, click here, here, or here. For more on our recent Paris trip, click here.

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