Au Petit Sud Ouest

Following our climb of the Eiffel Tower and just before our Segway tour, we caught a bite at Au Petit Sud Ouest, which had impressed us with a Tripadvisor ranking of #59 out of 14,156 Paris Restaurants and a few other great reviews.

The menu is short and mainly features duck, goose, foie gras, and combinations and variations thereof.

We shared two slices of delicious foie gras pate on toasted rye bread. My wife enjoyed the fact you toast the slices of bread yourself in large vintage toasters that sit on each table.

My wife went for duck leg confit with potatoes and mushrooms, I went for goose leg confit. We enjoyed the taste of the confits, even though they were far too oily for our taste, oilier than other confits we’d had in the past. The side potatoes and mushrooms were nothing special either, but tasted alright.

The service was very friendly and helpful.

We’re still wondering how this place ends up with such a great ranking. Decent cuisine at a decent price, which is great, especially considering the immediate proximity to Tour Eiffel in one of the most expensive parts of Paris, but top of the class? Non. For further Paris restaurant reviews click here, here, and here.

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