London’s Best Pizza Place: IPC in Bayswater


I had heard good things about Italian Pizza Connection in Bayswater, West London, for some time. Yesterday, it finally was my time to check this place out, and what an amazing experience it was.

The boss greets you on arrival and the friendly staff immediately make you feel welcome. It’s a tiny restaurant, so I felt lucky to find a table without reservation on this Wednesday night. I ordered ‘Four Stagioni’, presumably the same as pizza quattro stagioni, and about 15 minutes later a gigantic pizza was delivered to my table, topped with plenty of mozzarella, artichoke hearts, ham, pepperoni, mushroom slices, and black olives. I’m used to quattro stagioni being split into four sections marking the four seasons of the year, each with a different set of toppings. However, if you taste just one bite of IPC’s pizza, you couldn’t possibly care less about this aspect, the fact that their name is all English, or anything else for that matter. It’s just too tasty not to fall in love with this place.

Considering the great quality and the enormous size of the pizza, the steep price of £15.50 (plus – in my case – an additional £2.50 for extra mozzarella) seems somewhat ok’ish, even though it is probably more than we’ve ever paid for a pizza anywhere. We’ll be back.

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