French Bistro Le Sacre Coeur, Angel

This afternoon, we were in the Angel area to check out the new Lie Lie Land graffiti by Bambi (more street art here and here), and thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and go back to that lovely French bistro ‘Le Sacre Coeur’, two French friends of ours had introduced us to, about a year ago (they are both regulars there, which, no doubt, is a good sign).

We were relieved to find out that they serve food mid-afternoon on Sundays, and it surely did not deter us that the friendly waitress advised us about the two-course lunch menu being £1 more on Sundays, at a still very reasonable £10.95.

We chose escargots (6 of them) and rabbit pate for starters, and Steak Frites and Fish of the Day (one salmon and one cod fillet) as our mains.

We liked all the food and – as we did last time – couldn’t stop admiring the rustic, warm, French bistro atmosphere. The escargots were perfect in texture, firm but not rubbery, and reasonably sized (no great fan of the tinier varieties), and the garlic, herb and butter sauce was decent, even though we would have preferred it to be stronger in taste, more garlicky, with a stronger taste of herbs, and maybe a tiny bit thicker, and less like hot olive oil. The rabbit pate was delicious, but surprisingly similar to your usual Brussels pate, maybe not quite enough taste of rabbit for our liking.


The mains were also very tasty, even though the fish was a tad bland and the steak frites was unusual, in that it wasn’t particularly thin, as the usual version. However, on the recommendation of the waiter I had this regular, unbeaten minute steak served medium-rare, and that more than saved the experience (medium or well-done it would have been a disaster, no doubt). As you’d expect, the french fries were cooked to perfection. We also liked the large size of the portions and the fact that there was plenty of nicely dressed salad coming with both mains.


Overall, another very pleasant experience. No surprise that Tripadvisor ranks this restaurant in the top 500 of over 22,000 London restaurants. And we had a beautiful orchid on our table, funny enough the exact same species that we had discovered as our favourite at the Orchid Festival a few weeks ago. We’ll definitely be back.

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