TapaBento Porto

We went to TapaBento on our first evening in town and enjoyed the beautiful tapas, friendly staff and rustic but at the same time somewhat upmarket atmosphere. We shared razor clams/navalhas (one of my absolute favourites, both here and at other seafood restaurants), clams/’Ameijoa Algarve’ and Carpaccio with some Tortilha Batata and a few glasses of beer. The potato tortilla slices were just €5.50 each, the other tapas €15, which is avery fair price, considering the large portions of prime quality ingredients.


We were planning on coming back, but somehow got distracted by other lovely restaurants each time, so it’ll have to be when we are back in Porto later this year that we’ll try some of their other food.


TapaBento is the original restaurant of the owners, and focuses on tapas. A few years ago they opened a sister restaurant called TapaBento Trindade (Trindade after the Trindade district it is located at, also very close to the city centre, but not quite as central as TapaBento itself), which focuses on high-end, sophisticated dishes (and does not offer tapas at all, despite their name). We very much preferred the original restaurant to the later opening.

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