Cunha Restaurant, Porto


Confeitaria Cunha opened on 31 March 1906 as a patisserie. In the 70s it moved to its current location, the art deco “Emporium Building,” designed in 1939. Later on, architect Victor Palla found his inspiration in the Midwest U.S. diners of the 50ies and 60ies, when he designed the interior of the restaurant, which is serving delicious wholesome meaty dishes for reasonable prices.


One of our tourguides, a self-confessed meat maniac, had recommended the veal steak (‘Meio Bife de Vitela’) for €15 to us, and thank heavens he did. Veal can be a tricky meat to cook as a steak and – where I come from – no one ever attempts to do so, we either have it as Viennese schnitzel or in dishes such as Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (tiny little strips of veal in creamy sauce). Tip to the hat to Cunha for having managed to cook up a medium veal steak that was so juicy and soft it felt like it would melt on the tip of your tongue.


As you would expect from a place like this that might have had its grand times but that is now a good value restaurant nearly exclusively visited by locals, the presentation was pretty unpretentious, to put it nicely, but who cares. I would come back to Cunha anytime and most certainly will do so on our next trip to Porto later this year.

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