Restaurante Celta Endovelico, Porto

Celta Endovelico drew our attention through its proximity to our hotel, its excellent Tripadvisor rating (#10 of 1,427 Restaurants in Porto), and the very reasonable prices. It plays on the Celtic/Gaelic theme and offers a variety of tapas dishes ranging from meaty calorie bombs (I tried to order three tapas after a day of hiking without much food, and was asked to stick with the recommended maximum of two tapas for the time being and then see if I want to order more, which is normally a very good sign; they don’t want their food to go to waste or their customers to spend more than they need to) to smaller side dishes.


I ordered delicious pork rolls in rich sauce accompanied by patatas bravas, and then later a portion of Padrón peppers, prepared in the traditional Spanish style. The latter did not impress me, but it was the meaty main that really hit the spot for me that evening. Nothing fancy or sophisticated, but a wholesome, rich, rustic meal just the right size for a starving man.

The staff were extremely outgoing and friendly and more or less treated you as if you were a regular they had known for years. Very good experience.

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