RA Lates: New Soviet World

The Royal Academy of Arts hosted another great RA Lates event on Saturday night.  It was themed on the “Revolution: Russian Art, 1917-1932” exhibition, which is on at the RA until 17 April 2017.


There were actors, playing the role of Bolsheviks and Soviet Commissars, and the curious paying guests, like myself, eager to take part in the “immersive” experience.


And it was an experience. The queuing, the stamping of coupons, the bureaucracy, the “Biomechanical” life drawing class, the rubbery sausages in the communal dining hall at Canteen No. 57.  But we forgot all this as we were treated with a live balalaika performance…


and of course, the telling art of the revolutionary new Soviet world.



I look forward to the next RA Lates event, taking place on 22 April on the theme of America Dreaming. RA Lates: New Soviet World certainly was a blast.

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