Ceviche in Soho, a True Gem

After a day of eating, a few appointments and errands, we met up with a friend at the Peruvian awesomeness that is Ceviche Soho (17 Frith Street). Our friend, who is from Mexico, informed us that ceviche (Spanish pronunciation: [seˈβitʃe], a raw fish snack that has been cured in a mix of so-called leche de tigre, tiger’s milk, usually containing lime juice, chilli peppers, coriander, sliced onion, pepper, salt, fish juice, and varying other delicious ingredients) is common along the Pacific coast of Latin America all the way up north to Mexico, and he was at first slightly patriotic about the Mexican variety at the expense of the Peruvian one, but after a few bites of the Peruvian sea bass dish in front of us had to admit that it was incredibly tasty.

We had ourselves tried ceviche at a few other Peruvian restaurants in London and fallen in love with it, but this specimen was just too good to be true. The bartenders at the ceviche bar (as opposed to the main restaurant where fully-blown Peruvian delights are on offer) prepare the little masterpieces right in front of you.

We had ours with a couple of Pisco Sours, the traditional Peruvian cocktail. We had been planning on exploring the restaurant itself for a long time and have now reassessed our priorities, it won’t be much longer until you will find a review of it here.

TimeOut London voted it London’s 6th best restaurant some time ago. The Times called it ‘brilliant’ and the New York Post the place ‘where London’s chefs go to eat’. Looking forward to our visit.

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